What's the defination of urban analytics?

What is Urban Analytics? Professor Michael Batty from University of London College published an editorial on Environment and Planning B and discussed urban anlytics to explain why they change the subtile of EPB to ‘Urban Analytics and City’. Prof. Batty defined urban analtics by breaking it down to two parts, stating that it originates from urban analysis but also provide a set of methods to explore, understand an predict properties of city systems. He believes that the tools provided by urban analytics are to solve problems of big data, urban simulation, and geodemographics. He also introduced explaination from Michael Goodchild in the book Urban Analtics definting it as ‘new kind of urban research, one that exploits the veast new data resources that are becoming available from social media, crowd sourcing, and sensor networks..’ Based on definations from both of them, there is no doult to say urban analytics is born from the era of big data and provide tools to exploit new patterns or deal with problems.

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Haifeng Niu
Haifeng Niu
Research Associate

I am a Research Associate at the Lab of Interdisciplinary Spatial Analysis, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, currently leading spatial analysis work in the European Union’s Horizon 2020-funded project Emotional Cities(WP4). My expertise includes urban big data mining, spatial data science, geo-visualisation, and urban sensing and modelling. I have a strong interest in how the intersection of machine learning & AI and urban big data better supports urban planning, policy-making and smart management.