30DayMapChallenge 2020 (External)

An link to an github repo `30DayMapChallenge-bot`.

London POI Classes Embedding

This project use the neural word embedding technique (Doc2Vec) to explore Points of Interest (POIs) data especially in the relationship between POI Classes.

London POIs (External)

An link to an private project on github `london-pois-data`.

Spatial Analysis and Modelling (External)

Course material for Spatial Analysis and Modelling.

Centre for Digital Built Britain 2018 Mini Porject

This project focuses on the crowdsourced data harvesting and data- mining of the multi-dimensional mechanisms of urban segregation combining the geo-coding of information with the rich attributes of this type of data. This project will conduct pilots at Cambridge in the UK and then compare it with prior study of Ningbo in China from an international perspective.

Example Project

An example of using the in-built project page.

London Tweets (External)

An link to an private project on github `london-tweets`.